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Pasta - Penne, In Grain - 1 bag (454g)

Pasta - Penne, In Grain - 1 bag (454g)


InGrain Pastificio

Slow-dried, super traditional pasta produced on the West Coast using local grains.

50 years ago most dried pasta in the market place was produced the old fashioned way... It was extruded through a bronze die and dried at low temperatures over a 24-48 hour period. Presently, major manufactures extrude pasta at extremly high pressure through Teflon dies and dry their pasta in ultra high temperature ovens for 1-2 hours, saving money, time and labour.

The problem is that the excellent nutritional content of wheat is denatured by the ultra high temperatures of the drying process as the catalyzed glutens are hardened into a plastic state. Great for long-term storage or shelf life but terrible for nutritional content and digestibility.

Mass manufactured pasta will produce a large, stiff and flavourless core when cooked “al dente” but does not offer the textural, creamy layers and flavour that a quality, slow-dried, super traditional pasta will have.